Pre/Post-Natal Workout Classes in Los Angeles

October 19, 2017

Pre/Post-Natal Workout Classes in Los Angeles

There are so many restricted exercise moves during and after pregnancy. We find it much easier to attend pre/post natal workout classes so we can follow the instructors lead and not worry about whether or not we’re allowed to be doing the exercises everyone else in the class is doing.

Here are the Pre/Post-Natal classes that are currently keeping us fit in Los Angeles

Prenatal Yoga @ Yogaworks

This classes offers you a great opportunity to connected with other expecting mothers, ask and answer questions and learn which yoga moves are safe during pregnancy. This class is good for all levels.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates @ Mighty Pilates

This classes is all about strengthening your power house and either helping you prepare for labor and delivery or helping you recover from delivery. This class is for people with prior pilates experience.

Prenatal Pilates @ Pilates Place

This class is a great way to strengthen and stretch your body. We highly recommend it for mommas to be that need individual attention or extra modifications. This class is good for all levels.

Whatever class you choose it’s very important that you get approval from your doctor before starting a fitness routine of any kind.

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