Customer Reviews

"I used mine for two boys for 3 years and just handed them down to a friend after 5 years of storage for her two boys. She said all they needed was a good wash. They're practically indestructible!" - Amazon Customer 


"I love these nappies. The inserts come out so easily in the wash so you don't have to get your hands dirty at all when you move them from the bucket to the washing machine. You just machine wash them (no soaking ) on a bit wash andair dry in the sun if you can as it gets any stains out. The popper system is great-I have a couple of Velcro nappies from an alternative brand which I don't get on with as you have to fold the Velcro in before putting them in the wash and there is no way of remembering how tight you had the Velcro last time but the poppers on the Smartipants make it so easy to fit them and they grow easily with your child." - Amazon Customer 


"I have used my Smartipants diapers for six-and-a-half years now (!), and they are now on my fourth baby. We started with 27 diapers and have filled in with about 6 extras over the years. I seem to need to strip the diapers more often now as they leak a bit more easily, but that's just now! I did eventually buy a pack of 10 extra inserts to replace worn-out ones. I did have to throw away about 3 diapers due to the elastic stretching out (you can replace it yourself but #fourkids). I have used other cloth diapers, and while I don't hate other brands, these are just the best quality for the price. I love my Smartipants--one-size, easy wash, great price--and will always shout their praises to new moms!" - Sarah Steele 


"I loved these for my youngest son when he was in diapers. I tried a variety of types and brands of cloth diapers, and Smartipants were one of my absolute favorites. They're easy to use, fit well, and they're quite durable. They held up to regular washing as part of the daily rotation of diapers (he was fulltime in cloth). They never stained, and the wide pocket makes it easy to stuff the insert back in after washing.

After using Smartipants on a daily basis almost two years, they were still in such good shape that I passed all of them on to a friend when my son potty-trained. Well worth the money!" - R.M. Thompson