About Us

Smartipants is a family owned and run cloth diaper company based in Los Angeles, California. We are committed to making excellent products that are environmentally friendly, cost effective and cute. We make all of our products in Los Angeles to ensure quality control and guarantee that our products are as green as possible.

Why Smartipants?

Smartipants™ diapers feature our Leak-Guard Technology, keeping moisture contained, and your baby dry. Our diapers are made with breathable fibers and are free from any chemicals or irritants. Smartipants™ reusable diapers are designed to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler, babies 7lbs - 35lbs.


Instead of requiring 7,000 disposable diapers, the average baby needs only 24 reusable diapers, resulting in a net savings of nearly $3,000.00! Our products are all produced in our own local manufacturing facilities that has over 17 years of cloth diaper making experience, and we are able to pass on those savings to you!

Every year our country contributes roughly 3.4 million tons of disposable diaper waste into landfills. Using reusable diapers not only reduces the amount of solid waste, it also reduces the amount of harmful chemicals, oils, and trees required to produce them!

We look forward to changing the world one smart parent at a time.