Diaper Care

Your diapers are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Please follow these instructions to maintain their quality and enjoy long term use.

Using Your Smartipants:

  • Diapers and inserts are designed to be washed after every use.

  • Tuck an insert into the pocket of a clean Smartipants diaper
  • Put baby in the diaper - use the snap system to make sure the diaper is snug at the waste and around the babies legs.
  • When wet or soiled, remove diaper from baby, shake solids into toilet and store diaper in a dry diaper pail. We suggest using a pail with a waterproof liner.

Laundering Your Smartipants Diapers and Inserts
  • Wash diapers with inserts still inside in a washing machine with 1/2 the usual amount of detergent. Do not use bleach. Do not use liquid fabric softener.

  • Inserts will automatically pop out of the diapers during the wash cycle.

  • Tumble or hang dry. Do not use fabric softener sheets in the dryer.

    For troubleshooting laundry issues with your diapers please contact customer service at customercare@smartipants.com.