Ask Amy - All of your questions answered!

October 20, 2017

Ask Amy - All of your questions answered!

1) Help! My baby wont sleep at night. I have a 14 month old who stays up all night and sleeps during the day. Do you have any tricks to help me get him to sleep at night?

Try limiting daytime naps. Keep your kid active during the day and only let him take one nap. At night time, try to have a calming bedtime routine such as taking a bath and then reading a story. Always keep the lights dim while getting ready for bed as it will signal that it’s time to go to sleep. Talking to your child is also very important, explain that it's time to go to sleep and everyone in the family is going to sleep too. They listen and understand. Soon enough they will catch on and so will their sleeping patterns.

2) Where is the best place to shop for non-toxic baby toys?

It’s impossible to beat the variety that you can find online, I buy almost all of my children’s toys online. The first place I usually look is Amazon. I spend a lot of time researching the best and healthiest toys by reading whatever I can get my hands on. When I don’t want to shop online I’ve had the most success finding non-toxic toys at small boutiques and less success at big box chain stores like Target.

3) Do you have any laundry detergent suggestions for babies with sensitive skin?

I always use laundry detergent that is non-toxic and unscented. The harsh chemicals in conventional products are not good for sensitive skin. When my daughter was a newborn I used detergent that was specifically for infants (I bought it at a local baby store). Try starting with the infant detergent and as your baby gets older switch over to a non-toxic and unscented detergent like Seventh Generation. If you have a very sensitive baby you might have to try a few different detergents before you discover which one works best.

4) My one year old never wants to eat anything. Do you have any tips or tricks to get her to eat?

This is very normal and it's important to remember that a lot of kids are super picky, so you’re not alone! Something that has really worked well for me is giving my daughter something that is really similar to what I’m eating myself. If she feels like she’s a “big girl” and if she’s eating the same food as the adults in the room she’s way more likely to try it. Something else that you can try is giving her/him new foods alongside things that she already likes. My daughter loved berries but refused to try oatmeal. We were able to get her to agree to try the oatmeal by putting berries in it.

5) My toddler never wants to wear clothes, he's always trying to take them off. Is this normal?

There are a few reason that your toddlers taking all of his clothes off. Some of the most predominant ones are:

Are the clothes uncomfortable? Sometimes we put our kids in outfits because they look really cute - when we do this we’re not exactly thinking about how comfortable they are. Some questions you might want to ask yourself about your toddlers clothing are: is it itchy, to tight or uncomfortable. If the answer is yes to any of these questions, I think we’ve figured out why he’s taking them off.

Is your toddler looking for attention? This is also a very common reason for kids to be taking their clothes off - they know that they’re going to get a reaction from you.

Does your toddler often run around naked at home? He might not understand the difference between being home and being out in public. Try explaining why clothing needs to be worn in public, eventually he’ll get it.

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