Smart Sleeve Insert 10-Pack

Smart Sleeve Insert 10-Pack Includes: 
  • 10 Smart Sleeve Diaper Inserts

Our Smart Sleeve Cloth Diaper Inserts are diaper liners made from a Polyester-Nylon blend that is both super-soft and ultra-absorbent. The diaper insert is the true “workhorse” of our system of reusable pocket diapers, and you can be sure that our Smart Sleeve Inserts are produced to the highest standards. Need extra inserts for nap time or overnight? Our 10-packs are the perfect opportunity to stock up and save money.

Smart for your wallet: Instead of requiring 7,000 disposable diapers, the average baby needs only 24 reusable diapers, resulting in a net savings of around $3,000.00!

Smart for the environment: Every year our country contributes roughly 3.4 million tons of disposable diaper waste into landfills. Using reusable diapers not only reduces the amount of solid waste, it also reduces the amount of harmful chemicals, oils, and trees required to produce disposable diapers.

Our products are all produced in our own local manufacturing facilities.


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